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2016 first half of the car tire industry new technology inventory

2016 first half of the car tire industry new technology inventory

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Lexus and TOYOTA Prius with Bridgestone energy saving tire

The American company Bridgestone (Bridgestone Americas Inc.) for 2016 Lexus RX350 and RX450h matching its power man (Dueler) series H/L 422 tire. The power saving man series tires in 1991 for the first time in the electric vehicle supporting above, by reducing the rolling resistance to achieve fuel economy improvement, Bridgestone before it already has a series of energy-saving tire complete production line claims for energy-saving automobile supporting various types of tires.

Bridgestone said its energy-saving series tires help the company achieve to 2020 the tire rolling resistance to enhance the global target of 25%. Bridgestone Corp will increase the applicability of the original series of energy-saving and Terra series tires, continue to expand the two tire brand in the world.

Continental group horse brand

Germany's continental group announced in June 2, 2016, the use of dandelion rubber "Taraxagum" to create a tire, and is testing. This kind of rubber is developed by the mainland and the Fraunhof Institute, the Kuehn Julius Institute and so on. The tire tread of this kind of tire all use dandelion natural rubber polymer. The company plans to start production in 5 to 10 years after the use of this dandelion rubber tires.

Now, the use of natural rubber tire is made by rubber tree sap. Natural rubber from rubber trees can be produced only near the equator. To prevent damage caused by rubber trees and the production of synthetic rubber used crude oil prices and so on, to ensure the stability of the tire material, there must be a source of natural rubber.

The continental group has made Taraxagum tyres from the summer of 2014, and has carried out a tire test on a test site in Germany and Sweden during the summer and winter months. The test result is very ideal, its characteristics and the use of the original natural rubber tire.

Horse brand launched "black pepper" formula tire

In June 2nd, the company announced that it had used dandelion rubber to create a tire that is currently being tested. However, as the production of raw materials for tire "black pepper", previously in the global tire industry seems to have never heard of before.

Mainland group, said the person concerned, this is an important reason for this is a major improvement in the new tires on the formula, especially the increase of the key black pepper (Chili Black)". It is reported that, through the use of black pepper micro rubber molecular technology, tire tread and the surface of the ground contact area is greater, more complete transmission power. For tires, the formula is just like a dish of food, often determines the tire grip, noise and other performance and value.

Technically, the tire "black pepper" formula, when the vehicle is running, the micro rubber hyperelastic molecules can be embedded into the rough roads of the independent, thereby increasing the contact area of tire and road surface, the increase of tire grip. This will greatly improve the performance of the vehicle's acceleration and braking distance. And it is eye-opening, in addition to black pepper, carbon, silica, resin, rapeseed oil, sulfur and other raw materials are added to the tires in some tire test.


The launch of Michelin Primacy and LTX Force SUV tire Brigade

Tire technology has become an independent discipline, the product also showed a trend of full flowering. With more and more SUV began to change the style of the city, so many users on the SUV moving the heart. The performance requirements for SUV special tires are also more diversified, comfort, durability, safety and stability of these four aspects, has also become a SUV tire technology research topics.

Recently, Michelin launched Primacy SUV and LTX Force brigade two SUV special tire. The Michelin Primacy SUV brigade Wyatt tire, the technical characteristics of the promotion is embodied in a safe, quiet, comfort. As Latitude Tour and Latitude HP LAN. Tour products, Primacy SUV used the Michelin Flex tour Wyatt MAX2.0 technology. Michelin Flex MAX2.0 technology is mainly embodied: chamfer design and a new generation of self design and high toughness mole tread rubber. On the trip Yue, a design pattern block chamfer edge, to reduce the distortion and loss due to tire contact with the ground and can ensure the tire grip, with maximum area of contact with the ground in any state; second, a new generation of circular self design, first appeared in the Michelin tire, different from the self the old piece of technology, design a new self-locking block can increase the rigidity of the block, enhance the grip; thirdly, deepen the main groove and a high density of grooves, in dry and wet state can improve braking performance. According to the data show that, compared to the older generation of tires, the travel Yue in the dry wetland braking distances are reduced by more than 1.5 meters, over the wet slippery road on the stability of the over bending increased by 6%.


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